T.V. Meme

I think I'mma start this tomorrow,
but just so I don't forget anything...
There it is. :] And mine might / might
not be in picspam form. I'm still
trying to decide. And P.S., there
should be a PSD / Tutorial coming
soon for the coloring from my '5 faves'
t.v. show picspam. :) Sorry it's taken me so long.

-- taken from mai_shiranui, but I have no idea who started it. :] Banner's by me.

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Yeah, um, I don't think I'mma be able to get everything on here, haha, but I'll do my best. If you see I've used something of yours and I haven't credited, don't get all pissy and crap, and call me a stealer... I'm just really bad at this crediting thing, so just post here with a link of what it was I used, and I'd be glas to add you to this list.

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Hey! yeah...... i suck at this updating thing.... but it's not entirely my fault! i've had a busy life. i went to New York! but wait, that was back in September.... well, i guess it's been a lonngggg time.. let's seee..... where to start..... ok, term finals. so, i had term finals (xD). lmbo, totally biffed up the Geometry one.... all well. i blame Borneman for that. i swear, that woman needs to retire... ok, so, finals, then ummm... i forget. =P yeah, ok, so TONS of homework, church stuff, yada yada, then WABAM! new term starts (i'm a quarter and a half away from being a junior! =.), have to read 'To Kill A Mocking Bird' (hate that book. don't chew me out, i know EVERYONE but me likes it, but, i just think it's an incredibly boring book. i would probibly like it if i wasn't being forced to read it by my insane English teacher...), still don't have my driver's lisence (don't even have my permit!), then last week we had stupid state testing. 3 frikken days of it. then family parties, snowing, mom's working.... then GOOD NEWS! FINALLY! for the first day in like..... MONTHS. haha, i got my braces off! woot! i'm very excited about that. =D yeah, and so Sunday, my photoshop so happily informed me that my sratch disks are full... so, i've been deleting the useless and un-needed files from my hard drive, and this is helping that. plus, i've been meaning to post these for about a month now.

G R A P H I C A L :
i c o n s ; 172
David Archuleta - 7
Demi Lovato - 16
Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato - 7
Julianne Hough - 6
Jonas Brothers - 7
Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana - 33
Zac, Vanessa, & Ashley - 9
Emily Browning / A Series of Unfortunate Events - 14
Selena Gomez - 18
Robert Pattinson - 12
Twilight - 4
Moonlight - 7
Kristen Stewart - 26
Misc ( school pride, Bellatrix, Ashlee Simpson, Katy Perry) - 6

b l e n d s / b a n n e r s ; 28
Miley Cyrus - 6
Big Bang Theory - 1
Bellatrix - 1
Zac & Vanessa - 1
The Corpse Bride - 1
David Archuleta - 2
Pride and Prejudice - 1
Emily Browning / A Series of Unfortunate Events - 4
Moonlight - 3
Phantom of the Opera - 1
Twilight - 3
Katy Perry - 1
Taylor Swift - 2
The Weasley's - 1

p r e v i e w ;


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*big sigh*

my summer is turning out to be a big dud. yeah. my summer sucks. like crap. today, my brother got an ipod touch. and i am still stuck with a broken crappy nano. and, tomorrow i am leaving again. and i have to write a five minute talk that i get to give 5 or 6 maybe seven times to groups of loud annoying preteens. joy.



[9] - host related (melanie - megan fox, wanderer - gemma ward)

[1] - host related
[1] - edward related

[1] meaghan jette martin made for Quivi on MMW
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